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It wasn’t until I was well into my 40’s that I started to build businesses. Until that time, I was flat broke. But, since that time, I have built eight, 6 and 7 figure businesses. I quickly realized it was ‘Our Turn’ and it was time to share the 7 pillars that I’ve used consistently to grow each business. Women in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and beyond often get written off but what everyone else doesn’t know….we are just beginning!!! We are stepping into our Greatness and have something to Contribute…AND, we are ready for 


“Super excited about being part of this group, learning,growing andnetworking!It is really making me think and take a deep dive. Please keep feeding my brain andsoul. Thank you for your knowledge. Thanks Karen, for this opportunity!”

Heather Nerbovig

“Thank you for doing this. Ineeded it!”

Tawnya Miller

“Karen, Your information made my life so much easier! This system is such a miracle, thank you so much!”

Reeth Daviso

“Karen has given us the tools that we need to go out tomorrow and make money – everything in a package. We are walking away with so much Knowledge, it’s unbelievable…”

Cindy Captein

“Karen has helped me so much over the past years that she is the first call I make when I need advice and help. She is generous with her time and knowledge and helps smooth the process.Owning a business can be tricky so having someone I can count on who knows what she is doing makes everything better! Thank you Karen!”

Diana Bryan


Let’s Do this!

If so, It’s YOUR TURN to finally do what you have always wanted to do, but here is the catch…you have to TAKE IT! The bonus, if you decide to embrace YOUR TURN, is that it can lead to greater happiness, fulfillment, confidence, extraordinary wealth and give you the ability to truly make a difference, and maybe, just maybe, even change the world. But let’s start with greater happiness!


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For the W.I.N.’ Podcast is for Women over 50 who are ready to Deliver an Impact and Generate Wealth along the way. We have always put everyone else before ourselves and now, IT’s OUR TURN to fulfill our dreams, build businesses, write books, deliver a keynote and make a difference. We have already achieved great things but now, it’s OUR TIME to step into Our Vision, and Share it with the World. Let’s be “In It To W.I.N. It’ by Coming Together and helping one another to Build our Dreams and Create an Impact. Women’s Wealth and Impact Network™. It’s YOUR Turn!”


Karen S Schaefer