Strive to be Confident

We should strive to be confident and speak up for ourselves. We should also remember that it’s ok to disagree with others and that our dreams are worth pursuing. We

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Got a minute?

“Hey there, lovely ladies over 50! I hear you loud and clear, and trust me, I get it. Life can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to get bogged down in

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60 Minutes to Spare

“As women over 50, we have been conditioned to hurry, take care of everything for everyone and then, if we find ourselves with an extra moment in the day, maybe

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I’m Karen

Karen S Schaefer is uniquely qualified to help Women over 50 create their dreams, experience true freedom and power.

… and do what they were put on this earth to do through her expertise as a Best Selling Author, Amazon Best Seller, Top Sales Performer, Keynote Speaker, Business Coach, Leader, Entrepreneur and Visionary, and Author of “Five Fabulous Flaws of Women over 50”.

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For the W.I.N.’ Podcast is for Women over 50 who are ready to Deliver an Impact and Generate Wealth along the way. We have always put everyone else before ourselves and now, IT’s OUR TURN to fulfill our dreams, build businesses, write books, deliver a keynote and make a difference. We have already achieved great things but now, it’s OUR TIME to step into Our Vision, and Share it with the World. Let’s be “In It To W.I.N. It’ by Coming Together and helping one another to Build our Dreams and Create an Impact. Women’s Wealth and Impact Network™. It’s YOUR Turn!”


Karen S Schaefer