Pursue your Dream – Age is just a Number

Why is “thinking you have to be young to pursue your dreams” a mistake? For starters, it’s completely untrue that you have to be young to follow your dreams. Age is nothing but a number. And who cares anyway, just start counting backwards it if bothers you. It’s your life, you can decide. But, just remember your second fabulous flaw as it is age that brings a level of wisdom and insight that is so rich, so lovely and so empowering that you are now capable of anything. So why not pursue that dream you’ve been holding in your heart for the past 25 years…putting your time in, doing what needed to be done. Isn’t it your turn?
Let’s get real for a minute. Society places so much emphasis on youth, so it can be easy to think that it’s too late for you to pursue your dreams. And of course, many of us, in this age group, may feel discouraged by our lack of experience or resources. Finally, and I think this is the hardest part, is there may be a fear of failure or embarrassment that can stop us from taking the plunge into our passions. That fear of failure is a tough one. But you know what I think is even more frightening? It’s the fear of success.
When I first started investing in real estate, the trainer said ‘all of you that are completely broke are going to be successful because you have nothing to lose. All of you who are already wealthy are going to get wealthier because you know what it’s like to take a risk as it’s how you initially built wealth. But those of you in the middle, the ones that are safe and secure, neither rich nor poor are the ones that will find it to be the most difficult. You are afraid to lose what you have gained so you won’t do what you need to do to get to where you know you should be.’ At the time, I was completely broke, so I thought ‘whoo hoo’ I am going to be a success. And I was, but that is a different story. I couldn’t help but think about those people in the middle. What would happen to them. Well, the problem is, it’s the majority. Many of you have worked hard, live a good life filled with ethics and integrity but you have landed firmly and safely in the middle. Which is comfortable and easy. But is it what you wanted? Is it what you imagined. When you close your eyes and see it, is it what you dreamed?
Karen S Schaefer

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If you are reading this, I am assuming you are over 50, just like me. If you happen to be younger but an ‘old soul’ good for you. You are ahead of the game! And while age does come with a few, oh what should we call them…challenges maybe, the experiences far outweigh the hurdles (and if you can’t make it over the hurdle, don’t worry about it, we will kick it over for you!). You might think you are too old to start something new like pursuing your lifelong dreams, but really, its those laps around the sun that have been preparing you for your next adventure. Don’t let an old story of being too old stop you from leading your very best life…for you and those you love!

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