Strive to be Confident

We should strive to be confident and speak up for ourselves. We should also remember that it’s ok to disagree with others and that our dreams are worth pursuing. We are valuable. We are relevant. We matter. We have something to say. And our fabulous flaw…is we know how to say it!
At the end of the day, speaking your mind isn’t such a bad thing. Go ahead, take a stand and start living your dreams. Just put on your lip gloss in case someone starts the video!
For me, using my voice far outweighs the consequences but, people always say to ‘face your fears’ so what are the consequences of using your voice to create your dreams and change the world?
Speaking your mind can easily lead to conflict with those around you, which can quickly become overwhelming. Additionally, it can lead to a breakdown of relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. And if the situation escalates, it can even lead to legal consequences. Wow. That is scary. But come on Ladies. We are smart. We are powerful. We live with integrity. You know how to use your voice. Yes, you may lose friends and you might even make a few enemies. But, no one ever said getting there would be easy. They just said it’s amazing once you arrive!
Expressing yourself, especially after years of going with the flow, can lead to a lack of respect or even shock, from your peers. You may feel that your dreams aren’t valued and your words are taken out of context. This can be especially damaging if you are trying to build a new career and make a name for yourself. Your friends might look at you like you are crazy for wanting to start something new. For creating change or taking a stand or wanting to leave a legacy. But that is simply their fear taking hold of them. Keep blazing the trail and letting everyone know what you are doing. You’ve come too far not to let everyone know the greatness you are embarking upon.
Lastly, speaking your mind can be dangerous if you are not careful. You may find yourself at the center of a political or social issue that you had no intention of getting involved in. This could damage your reputation and open you up to public criticism. And you know what they say, ‘No press is bad press.’ It’s really okay if people don’t agree with you or you create a hot mess by using your voice. As long as you truly believe in what you are saying. If it is in your heart, and you are prepared to do battle for what you believe in then, go ahead, use your voice. You have something to say. And you know how to do it!
Karen S Schaefer

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