No Time to Waste, The 3 Most Important Priorities for Women over 50

“As we age, our priorities shift and what we now find important changes.

We are so used to the rat race whether that involved hitting numbers at the office or speeding down the highway to get everyone to and from practice in time to get home and still make dinner.

But now, in our 50’s, 60’,70’s and beyond, we start to sense and then experience a shift. And, we begin to realize, time is precious.

As women over 50, I think three things stand out as being ‘most important.’

Health and Self-Care
Taking care of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually becomes a top priority for we women over 50. While some of you were great at incorporating exercise and self-care throughout your life, others of us counted digging under the sofa for the dogs balls or chasing the two year old down the aisle at Target as a set of sit ups and a 50 yard dash. But now, we have a better grasp on the need for these things and we often crave them. It’s time to exercise, eat healthy, and get regular check-ups. We deserve the time and the care. Needless to say, self-care lends itself to self-love and confidence.
Relationships and Connection

Strong relationships with family, friends, and partners become even more important as we enter into our best years. Even if you haven’t made time for friends and family in the past, or you’ve let a rift go on too long, it’s time to heal, make amends or let it go to create more room. Social connections, taking the time to build new relationships, cherish existing ones, and foster deeper, more meaningful connections is really what it is all about as we age. There is actually a Harvard study that shows the happiest people in their 80’s were those that created strong relationships in their 50’s. Love and relationships are directly related to longevity, happiness and fulfillment.
Purpose and Meaning

Women over 50 often seek out new ways to serve others, give back to their communities, and find purpose and meaning in their lives. We use our skills, talents and life experiences to make a positive impact on the world in a way that aligns with our values. Together, we make such an impact. Big and Small. At home and around the world.
In conclusion, the priorities of women over 50 are centered on health and self-care, relationships and connection, and purpose and meaning. By embracing these priorities, women are living their best lives every single day. So, ladies, take care of yourselves. Take the time you need to spend with those you love and by all means, contribute your greatness to the world.

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