So, are you ready to be heard?

Well then, let’s get down to the brass tacks and get this party started! You have to start by deciding upon what it is you want to pursue and the goals that go alongside that dream. Before you can talk about it, you need to write it all down. Now, break it into bite size pieces. I know you are busy so put this dream, this goal, this mission into manageable steps and set a timeline for each step. Complete it. Come on. Leave the excuses at the door. You’ve had babies. You’ve taken care of ageing parents. You’ve run companies and built science projects and created a top producer for selling girl scout cookies at $6 a box. You can do this. And, once you do, celebrate. Each and every bite size piece. Have a really good glass of wine, buy yourself those new Chanel sunglasses, get a massage or just take time for yourself. Whatever it is, celebrate each step before you move to the next one.
What is that lifelong dream you want to achieve, why do you want to do it and who do you need to tell? Now don’t take this the wrong way, but the clock is ticking and we aren’t getting any younger. Embrace your fabulous flaw of saying what needs to be heard. What has been in your heart and on your mind and the thing you want to share with the world. We are all waiting for you and what you have to share!
Well, since you have been working other jobs, supporting families, raising kids, volunteering in your community and focusing on your relationship, you might need a little help in getting started. Here are 4 ways to step out of today and into tomorrow’s dream.

  1. Take a class or workshop in a field that you’ve always been interested in. This sounds so easy and almost cliché but in today’s world of everything being online, it really is easy to see if something still appeals to you. Or, you can go to a local gym and pick up yoga, sign up for a real estate investing seminar or connect with a Meet Up or Networking group. I think this is a great way to meet other people in your area of interest, determine if this is still something you enjoy or want to do and whether or not you can create a business or mission from this area of interest.
  2. Take a trip to explore a new place or to visit family and friends. Now this sounds like ‘travel’ to me so I am always all in!!! I think this helps you to discover your reason ‘why’ and to really find your voice. A trip, or an exploration often allows you to get out of your everyday mode and into a new experience. You can begin to think, dream and soul search.
  3. Start a business or take on a freelance job. Whoa! This is for all of you that are just ready to start shouting from the rooftops ‘We’re not going to take it anymore!!!” If that is you and you are channeling Twisted Sister, then you might be ready to jump in. Now, more than ever, its important to find your voice. You have to start talking about what you are doing. Why you are doing it and who you serve. This will not only feed your business, it will feed your passion.
  4. Get involved in a cause or organization that speaks to you. I talk so much about building your lifelong dream business because that is me. I always wanted to write a book series for girls about discovering their superpowers. It took me 24 years to start the series, but I finally did and now, I am turning it into my dream business. But for some of you, your dream isn’t about building a business. It might be about writing a book, or saving the whales, or fundraising for cancer research. Whatever it is that is in your heart, it’s your
    and learn how to use your voice for good.
    Karen S Schaefer

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